Learn more about the Serrapeptase enzyme

Posted on June 24, 2014 By

Serrapeptase miracleIs Serrapeptase the miracle drug of this century? Some people believe it is. Although, Serrapeptase has been used in Europe and Japan for at least thirty years as a drug. It is relatively new to the United States and is classified as a dietary supplement. Serrapeptase is a natural product native to the stomach of a silkworm. When the moth is ready to free itself, Serrapeptase dissolves a portion of the cocoon. In a human, it will dissolve all non living matter by breaking down protein. A biochemist from Japan researched the health benefits.

Inside our bodies, Serrapeptase eats away scar tissue, dissolves blockages, and decreases inflammation to manage pain. Due to its ability to eat away non-living matter, it improves the heart health and the circulatory system. Once inside the blood stream, top Serrapeptase dissolves plaque that blocks the blood flow in arteries as it dissolves the cocoon of the silkworm.

Serrapeptase is safe for adults on a short term basis. There have not been any studies on long term safety. It is always important to discuss you health concerns with your doctor especially is you are pregnant, or have a history of a bleeding disorder. In the event that you are scheduled for surgery in the new few weeks, Serrapeptase may increase the risk of bleeding.

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