Understanding the Benefits Of Nattokinase

Posted on June 19, 2014 By

NattokinaseNattokinase originated in Japan. It is a fermented cheese-like food substance that is called Natto, Beneficial bacteria called Natto Bacillus is added to the boiled soybeans, resulting in an enzyme called Nattokinase named by a Japanese researcher Hiroyuki Sumi in the 1980s. Seventeen studies and clinical trials have proven that Nattokinase will dissolve blood clots and prevent them from forming. In Japan, this is the standard medicine for dissolving blood clots and is well accepted by the populace.

During the Heian era of Japan 794 to 1191 AD, Natto was first discovered. Minamoto no Yoshiie; a warrior noticed that boiled soybeans that were left on straw fermented. Samurai warriors enjoyed its distinctive taste and it’s effect as an improvement in their health was noticed. For hundreds of years, Natto was used throughout Japan as a folk remedy.

Research in the 1980’s verified its ability to remove blood clots and clean out arteries. In the west using aspirin has not been all that effective as a blood thinner because of the side effects. In contrast there are not any known side effects of Nattokinase. If you want to maintain normal blood pressure, this substance will definitely thin your blood and dissolve any blood clots. Consult your physician to determine your particular health needs.

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